A father who had been away training during the talks of adoption, is currently fighting for the custody of his daughter. Read More after jump

Adriela Batista

Dusten Brown a member of the Cherokee tribe is currently going through a custody battle over his 3 year old daughter. Brown was training in the National Guard and knew nothing of his biological daughter. During the time that he was away the adoptive parents were hand picked by the biological mother, to care for the child. Brown states that although he did sign papers given by the biological mother, he was oblivious to the true purpose of the letter. The child stayed with her adoptive parents for two years, yet for the last 19 months Brown has been raising her.

Brown is arguing that it is in the best interest of the child that she is “raised by him” and in cultural traditions. Although state courts sent the child to live with her biological father in reference to the 1978 Child Welfare Act, South Carolina’s courts argue that they are to decide the final verdict.

Chrissi Nimmo the attorney of the Oklahoma based, Cherokee Tribe has been fighting for brown stating:

“It is absolutely undisputed that he is a fit parent,” “It is unfathomable to me that an adoption of a child who is currently residing with a fit biological parent can be finalized. Adoption is for children who need homes. Veronica does not need a home. It will be devastating for her if she is removed from her father.”

What are your thoughts on this custody battle?!

Via USAToday