Over 50 troops were fired after a review was given that uncovered many violations. Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

The Pentagon decided for the termination of 60 troop members after a sexual assault review uncovered a set of violations committed by troops who were sexual assault counselors, recruiters and drill sergeants. The investigation began in May after several years of reports in the increase of the issue of sexual harassment within the military. The investigations uncovered violations that included alcohol offenses, child abuse and sexual assault amongst some of the troops. The army has suspended 55 soldiers in result as well. A case dating back to May accuses a sergeant in charge of a battalion in Fort Hood of sexual harassment. It is rumored that he ran a “small scale prostitution ring” in the place in the battalion. Another sexual harassment case involving the Air Force earlier this year resulted in the termination of a lieutenant whom is accused of drunkenly groping a woman unwillingly outside of a bar near the pentagon. Needless to say the military has had their share of sexual assault scandals this year.

The investigation is continuing throughout October, with a screening of over 35,000 recruiters, sexual-assault counselors and drill instructors. This seems to be a step in the right direction.

Via USAToday