Aerial Views Of The U.S.-Mexico Border On The Rio Grande

Approximately 13,454 unaccompanied Mexican minors were apprehended by Immigration last year. The problem is that officials are often unable to determine if the minors have made it here on free will, or are the victims of human trafficking so instead of doing the research, they’re blanketed. Hit the jump to see what happened to them.

Despite the reasoning for their immigration, the minors were sent right back. They are often blanketed due to the increasingly high volume of crime in their respective countries, or feared to be in connection with drug smugglers.

[Although] Mexicans accounted for more than half of them, but an increasing number of unaccompanied minors come from the violence-wracked countries of Central America, where an outbreak of gang-related crime plagues the so-called “Northern Triangle” countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras according to Huff Post.

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Jamaal Fisher