There’s a huge mystery happening on the Jersey Shore. And this one doesn’t involve gym, tan, or laundry! Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

Dead dolphins have become the new popularity amongst the Jersey Shore. Scientists are beginning to wonder what is the cause for the death of nearly two dozen dolphins that have been found washed up along New Jersey beaches. The corpse of the dolphins have been sent to Pennsylvania Veterinary School, in hopes to find more answers. Dolphins are known to have strong immune systems and are able to fight most germs that they encounter, making it even more of a mystery to those investigating. The dolphin death rate has almost doubled already this year!

New Jersey is accompanying Virginia, Delaware and Maryland with the their high rate of dolphin deaths. Virginia has seen the death of 86 dolphins already this year.

The poor dolphins never hurt anyone, hopefully this mystery comes to an end!

Via USAToday