Lindsay Lohan

According to LiLo, the troubled actress is doing everything in her power to be rid of all types of alcoholic beverages since her arrival home from rehab. She’s going above and beyond to make sure everywhere she goes, there is no temptation for her to start hittin’ the bottle again. She’s even demanding that any hotel she stays at and show she appears on remove all of the LQ when she’s present. Not only that, but she even is forcing her mother to dump out any trace of alcohol she has in her home. Lindsay is NOT playin’ around….. (or so we hope.)


Earlier this week, Lindsay was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and she made the employees remove ALL signs of alcohol from her room before she got there so she wouldn’t be tempted to get her drank on. She also confirmed that she’ll be traveling side-by-side with a “sober coach” for the next week, if not longer.

When LiLo guest-hosted Chelsea Lately, she also made a request for there to be STRICTLY non-alcoholic beverages in the dressing room. And since it’s Chelsea Lately, we all know Chelsea is no stranger to the bottle herself. Good call, Lindz.

Let’s hope she stays on the straight and narrow and doesn’t fall into LQ temptation.