IFWT_Funk Flex bday

Happy Birthday to the big boss Funk Flex!!!  We hope that he has an amazing day & all his wishes come true!!!
Members from Team IFWT have a special message for him after the jump…

Happy Birthday Flex!!!  You are one of the greatest bosses that anyone could ask for.  It’s been almost 7 years – can you believe that?! Thank you for the opportunities that you have given me.  I’ve learned SOooOOoOooOoo much from you — things that could never be taught in a classroom.  I hope you have the bestestest day!!!  —GameTimeGirl

FAAAAAAAAM(Not Generic), I can’t even explain How I Appreciate You…..Learning isn’t really the term I wanna go with, I’m More Digesting knowledge/wisdom/Over All Truth of Life! From How people should Move To I should Move in Order to become successful….Not to Mention You are the only one to See potential in me when I didn’t even see It, and Def nobody else saw it! I am SOOOOOOOOO Excited to work with you on Our Future endeavors, Not only because I know we will be on YET Another Level, But because There is NO Doubt in My Mind that It Will Happen, and I will get to be apart of it and Contribute to History…So like I said I can Not Explain How Much I Appreciate You….I can Only Show By Continuing Consistent Hard Work!!!!
Tat Wza

Wishing you the biggest and best Happy Birthday Flex!!!  This is the third time I’m writing one of these tribute posts and I still can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you’ve given me.  I never thought that one day I would be working for the guy that I grew up listening to on the radio and after all these years you still remain on the top of the game.  In fact not only do you continue to dominate the airwaves, you’ve diversified and expanded your brand in a way that’s nothing less than admirable.  I’m lucky to be working for you as I’m not only able to be apart of a great team but I’m also able to learn from a true legend.  I hope you enjoy your birthday and see many, many more! – Shay Marie

Happy Birthday Flex!! It has been real getting to know you and everyone involved with the site this past year. I feel a sense of pride when I tell people I work for you, and it is an honor to do so. I look forward to building more with you moving forward, and I can not thank you enough for this opportunity. Hope you feel all the love on your birthday. — Joe Sports

What day is it!? Come on…it’s Flex’s birthday…Woot Woot! Thanks for the new && fun experiences && opportunities! You’ve rocked this game for a long time && I don’t see any stopping you in the near/far future. Enjoy this, && many more to come!
JaaiR (JR)

What could I say here that I haven’t said already? Words can not express how thankful I am for the opportunity you have given me in working with you. I have learned so much and I continue to learn more every day. You are a true inspiration to me and I can’t thank you enough. Happy Birthday Flex! Let’s continue to win!! — DJ Triple Threat

Yoooooo Flex HAPPY BIRTHDAY …. wishing you more success and great health, feel me. I was going to bake a cake and bring it to the station but you see i couldnt make it look like this—–> car cake
—> so i was like imma chill(I know, I know where am I taking you). No but really tho, enjoy your day wish you many more and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to learn from you. WiL Major

(WARNING… The Following Content May Seem so, But is NOT Generic)
Aye Happy Birfday Man. Words can’t express the appreciation I have for all the doors you’ve opened for me. The fact that I get the chance to share my ideas & have daily conversions with the guy I used to listen to everyday on my walkman as a 7 year old is sometimes surreal to me. Your competitiveness & will to win inspires me & lets me know what it really takes to be great. Thank you & Make this Birthday the Best… Cause You’re the Best!! NO DRINKS IN 96′!!!! UNDERGROUND BANDIT
DJ RellyRell

FLEX! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSS MAN! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since you’ve given me the opportunity to work for you. I wish I could fully express how lucky I know I am to have you as my boss. You’ve really been the dopest person to work for, always thinking about new ideas of how US as your team could be better and on top of the digital game. I can’t say it enough, thank you for believing in me & inspiring me to work my hardest day in and day out. I wish you another year of power, success …AND ANOTHER YEAR OF WINNING! It’s been an honor & it’s only going to keep getting better. Have an amazing birthday!!
Biz Baby

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FELLOW LEO!!!! I am forever indebted to you for everything you have done for me. No generics at all…you mean the world to me! I hope your day is amazing and filled with all of the things you love!!! I SEE WHAT YOU OUT HERE SELLIN! – Marisa


THE THROW THE HANDS UP FOR GREATNESS LOL Happy Bday Flex!!!!! Its a special day for you and the people you’ve touched over the years! May you have a bless and fuckin awesome bday!!! – Juanyto