LOL! The former madam thing got me…Kristin Davis, a candidate in the running for NYC comptroller [controller] was said to have been arrested yesterday for illegally selling prescription pills to an informant. Tsk Tsk! Hit the jump for the 411.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to hit the gallery before you go! HA – a madam!

Federal prosecutors states that, Kristin Davis was arrested on Monday [Aug. 5] for selling prescription pills that includes painkillers, speed and muscle relaxants. Amphetamine – or speed – zolpidem – a substitute for cocaine – and carisoprodol, a muscle relaxant was sold to an FBI informant between the months of Jan. – Mar., and she got caught via some text messages, one stating, “If u run low let me kno!!! Ur the best!”
The former madam (HA), who allegedly has a little black book with over 10,000 names (including celebrities) will appear in court sometime today, and face the charges of, distributing and possessing with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Girl…