The search for a man who is suspected of killing a woman and her son, as well as kidnapping her 16 year old daughter, has caught a lead!! Hit the jump for more detail

Adriela Batista

The car of the suspected man, 40 year old James Lee DiMaggio, was found in the Idaho wilderness. Horse back riders claim that they saw two people on Wednesday, an older man and teenage girl that they believe to be the suspect and girl kidnapped, looking out of place in the woods near Morehead Lake. At first the witnesses did not think anything of it, yet after watching the news, they became alarmed and reported the incident.

“The riders reported seeing the two near Morehead Lake, an extremely rugged area about 70 miles northeast of Boise, around noon Wednesday, according to Ada County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Patrick Orr”.

Father, Brett Anderson, of the 16 year old missing girl Hannah, was happy to hear the news that his daughter was spotted alive. Yet he could not explain why his daughter did not ask the horse back riders for help.

“We don’t know what kind of frame of mind she was in or what he told her,” Anderson said. “Maybe if she acted differently, there would be more dead people.”

The suspects car, a blue Nissan Versa, was found about “5 or 6 miles” from where they had been spotted by the horse back riders. The car was found with the license plates removed, yet the car’s serial number was recognized as the one officials were in search of.

Dimaggio is suspected of killing the mother of the children 44 year old, Christina Anderson, and an unidentified child in his burning home, 65 miles east of San Diego. He then is suspected of kidnapping the 16 year old teenage girl. He is known to be a family friend and Best Friend of father Brett Anderson, and is suspected of having an “infatuation” with the teenage girl.

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