Wiz Khalifa gave Canada a special treat when he brought out Toronto’s very own mystery, The Weeknd. Hit the jump for video of the performance!

Adriela Batista

When The Under The Influence Tour hit Canada, Wiz Khalifa decided he’d surprise the fans by giving them a special performance by one of their own natives. As if the tour wasn’t already filled with more than enough intoxicating performances by artists ASAP Rocky, B.O.B, and Wiz Khalifa, the Taylor Gang member added another gift to his audience with The Weeknd.

The duo embraced each other on stage, while shouting each other out.

The Weekend shouted to the crowd ” “Toronto, make some noise for Wiz Khalifa. Make him feel at home”.

Wiz responded boasting of the singer, “That’s a real motherf**** boss right there. TGODXO all day”.

**Check out the video of the performance below**

Via Rap-Up