A little after 9:00pm on Sunday, one resident at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Florida –10 minutes away from Disney World– began to hear a cracking sound, followed by breaking windows. Once he saw the windows burst, he immediately called for a security guard. While being questioned by the guard, another window busted and this time the guard noticed. After that, the guard called for back up and they began evacuating the premises. 40 minutes later, half of the building was 60 feet under ground. Hit the jump to see actual video of the collapse.

Authorities say that the resort’s foundation is built on limestone which is known to be porous. As water continues to seep into the stone, the chances of the building remaining above ground will decrease.

Thanks to the quick-thinking security guards, there were no casualties unlike in February when a sinkhole swallowed a Tampa home that owner, 36-year-old Jeff Bush, fell to his death. His body was never found.

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Jamaal Fisher