After Big Sean released, “Control” a track that will not be make an appearance, on his up-coming, Hall of Fame album – the hip-hop world went crazy! The track features Kendrick Lamar as well as Jay Electronica…what shouldn’t be a surprise is that Kendrick KILLED IT! He called out every single one of his peers that claims they are the best – including BIG SEAN (it’s his track! The real reason why it’s not making the album, lol!). Greatness is at our fingertips ladies and gentlemen, and we call it Kendrick.
Today’s REALNESS is giving by Hot 97’s own Rosenberg. Hit the jump, have a listen, and let us know if you’d agree.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery! I think Kendrick is #MY #1! Will Joe Budden, Papoose, Drake, etc. be coming back harder than ever?! War Time!