IFWT_YouthTee (1)(1)

Black Heart a brand ran by 19 year old Jerry Salvatore from New Jersey. Black Heart started roughly 5 months ago, the brand has had some good success so far with the Youth 84 T-Shirt which is featured in all white with the signature logo on the back And right sleeve Of a White Champion® T-Shirt. the number 84 also covers the whole back of the shirt all text in black. If you are interested in purchasing the shirt you can purchase from Black Heart’s official website. The shirts are set at $35 a piece, fits true to size and %100 cotton. I must say the shirt is eye-catching and a swank tee to style with just about anything. Once the shirts are sold out, they are SOLD OUT. So you might want to hurry up and grab yours now. Black Heart does have upcoming releases for the fall, so no worries if you can’t cop this one. I will keep you updated on all upcoming releases.The whole inspiration behind the Youth 84 T-Shirt is the youth proving that we are worth. “As a youth, I feel we aren’t presented with the same opportunities an adult may have, but our minds are just as complex and advanced. The youth have dreams and we have just as much a right to pursue them, it just takes ambition and perseverance. When people see this shirt I hope they have insight and know that anything is possible.” say’s Jerry the founder. Hit the jump form more detailed pics of the “Youth 84 T-Shirt”.

Written by Ajrashed