New Generation is a brand ran by two young dudes from West Side Of Lansing, Michigan by the names of Kenny V and Sef Leavell. Today, I will be presenting their ‘Hunnits Tee’. The tee is featured in white with a female on the top right with ‘100’ on the other side and under that are upside down crosses that cover the shirt bottom on the right side below their is ‘NG” in a very creative font. On the sleeves the shirt has ‘# HUNNITS’. This shirt brings back some sort of OG era and reminds you of a shirt seen on the west coast. I love it. If you are interested in purchasing contact one of the owners here. You may also contact the brand through their bigcartel. The brand is said to be inspired off of money, having lots of money and women. ZACHARIAS, a friend close to the two owners contributed when he made a song called ‘Hunnits’ which also inspired the two, you can listen below. hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee.

Hunnits by ZACHARIAS