Twitter and Facebook make it so accessible for us to express our feelings and thoughts that we often times forget that we are on the internet and millions of people including law enforcement can readily see what we have to say. Unfortunately for Kunith Baheerathan, a mechanic in Toronto, he had to learn this the hard way.

Tat Wza

On August 13 Baheerathan tweeted that he was looking for some weed to help get him through his shift at work. Unfortunate for him the person that responded to the tweet was the cops. Surprised by his twitter fame after receiving more than 5,000 retweets he later tweeted, “Never knew weed smokers are more wanted in society than shooters & rapists. Big smh to all of y’all.” His boss didn’t take the tweet too lightly and later fired Baheerathan. His mechanic company even tweeted at the police whom initially replied to the tweet thanking them for their detective work. Just a little helpful advice next time your looking for illegal drugs do not post it on Twitter!

**Screenshots of the Tweet In The Gallery**