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Boc Essentials is brand ran by three young teenagers by the names of Josh Urrutia (19), Christopher Allen (19), Jordan Evans (19) all from Bay Area, CA. the brand started at the beginning of this year 2013 and since then has had some good success thus far. The featured tee is the “Resurrection Tee” which is a long sleeve piece that contains 2pac tattoos on the front of the shirt in the exact placement he had them. The shirts are featured in white , black, and red all dropping this fall. They date when they will the shirts release are TBA. the brand is inspired by the word, “BLACKDOUT CONSCIOUS”, they think of two ideal meanings. The first, having a dead or inactive conscious. The second, is having the “BLACKDOUT” state of mind. This state of mind can be defined as giving whatever it is you’re doing your all until you can no longer, or until you are passed out or deceased. For example; partying, grinding, balling, until you pass out or better yet blackout. When you put 2 and 2 together we can define the concept as: using the absence of your conscious to adopt only one way of thinking… going hard “…til you blackout”. The tee is definitely a classic so you don’t want to miss the release when these drop. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt you can from their official website when they drop in the fall. If you want to stay more in tune with their upcoming releases follow them on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the upcoming “Resurrection Tee”.

Written by Ajrashed