LSLXCVI is a brand ran by Lesly Saint Louis (17) kid from Brooklyn, NY currently located in Philly. Today I’m presenting his “Power77” Tee, that is now available on pre-order. The shirt is an all over print featuring Kanye complimented with the infamous POWER77 on the back. The brand started a while back but has been through so much. Lesly changed the name so many times its not even funny. He remembers one of the names being B.o.T.S meaning “Back on the Scene”. The logo was even a bow tie. So he took matters into his own hands. Built LSLXCVI from the ground up, and is now still helping it grow. POWER77 will be the first official release for F/W13. The eye-catching shirt is available for pre-order so if you would like to order you may from the official website. He is not sure if he will re-stock or not, so you may want to purchase now. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee.


Written by Ajrashed