Bad Bunch NYC is here with the newest collection which they chose to integrate Baroque paintings by Peter Paul Rubens intto feature in the theme. They believe that his work impacted the culture of his time and cemented his place in history. They wanted to bring awareness to his work by placing it in the public space through fashion, so they all teamed up for his elegant paintings with a few athletes that sported New York on their jerseys and retired as legends. The NY legends featured for the collection were Patrick Ewing, Jackie Robinson and Walt Frazier and all of them represented the city very well. By paying homage to the city with this collection they are also using their brands vision and following to add to the aesthetic taste that made New York City important in the world by setting trends and impacting culture. At Bad Bunch NYC, they believe in a world that belongs to them and this collection is them showing respect to some of the cultural figures who made that possible. The collection is a great way to pay homage to some of the legends of NYC. If you are interested in purchasing you may from their official website, certain items are not up for purchase and will be released soon. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the collection.

Written by Ajrashed