Son Of Sam Designs is a brand ran by J. Sammy (23) from Flatbush, Brooklyn. Today, I will be presenting his “GoHard” tee that I came across while on instagram and I felt it was an appealing shirt. Son of Sam Designs is an independent based brand out of East Flatbush, in Brooklyn. S.O.S strives to bring quality and limited edition products. The GoHard print was inspired by Mason E.Goyard.Dempilage Dupuis translates into “stacking since 1990” . The inspiration for the shirt came from Sammy’s environment and surroundings. From the slums of east New York to the brownstones in dumbo his brand represents Brooklyn as a whole and the ways in which Brooklyn influences the entire world. The brand started last year and since then has had some good success thus far. They will be re-stocking on the shirts very soon, their are still some available. If you would like to purchase a shirt you can email the owner at [email protected] The website to purchase will be up very soon. To stay more in tune with the brand follow their instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “GoHard” tee.

Written by Ajrashed