Brian Wilson

I can’t even imagine what Brian Wilson looks like without his beard, but maybe (which I highly doubt) we will see that hairless face soon.  Someone has offered $1 million for him to do it!  This should be interesting.
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Via RO:

After signing a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for $1 million, has exclusively learned that pitcher Brian Wilson could make more than his entire season’s salary — by simply shaving his trademark beard off.

razor blade company called has been in negotiations with the 31-year-old baseball pro to have him shave off his beard and they’ve offered him a lucrative 7-figure deal, which would also have Brian become a brand ambassador for the company.

“His management feels we need to match his present salary of $1 million at a minimum,” Co-Founder and President of Philip Masiello told Radar.

“Over the weekend and continuing today, we have been in discussions with his management at MVP sports to finalize the terms under which Brian would participate in a beard shaving promotion and endorsement. The discussions commenced Friday and are continuing through today.”


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