A Chicago woman who attended a charity event for Dwyane Wade’s foundation last year is now suing because she was hit in the head with a bass drum mallet.  Details after the jump…



Via TMZ:

Andrea Alexander filed the lawsuit against Wade’s World claiming she had an aisle seat at the foundation’s “Chicago Has Talent” event last year when a high school marching band blared and crashed its way past her.

Alexander claims the aisles were so narrow, one of the band’s bass drummers whacked her in the head with his bass drum mallet … causing her “severe and permanent injuries.”

Alexander says its Dwyane’s foundation’s fault for negligently allowing the band to play in the narrow aisles … and she wants at least $50,000 to make up for her pain and suffering.

Alexander is also suing the venue and the band’s high school. Calls to Dwyane’s foundation weren’t returned.