IFWT_Boeing 737 in Texas
This is VERY Disturbing, a mechanic just doing his job down at El Paso International Airport in Texas this past Monday was sucked into a Boeing 737 jet engine, find out what we know after the jump.

Tat Wza

We know it was a Continental Airlines plane, and it was a mechanic who worked for one of the airline’s suppliers. Continental CEO, Larry Kellner, made a statement;

“My fellow coworkers and I extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of the mechanic involved in this tragic event,”

“Continental is coordinating assistance for passengers who need help dealing with this tragedy,” Kellner said. “Continental’s Employee Assistance Program team is also flying to El Paso to meet with employees.”

Apparently it happened during a routine pre-take off check. A Boeing Rep also checked in, spokeswoman Liz Verdier;

“It doesn’t happen very often,” “It has happened in the past.””The airlines are responsible for their safety procedures.”

She pretty much is putting the blame on Continental.

**See The GRAPHIC Aftermath Photo’s In The Gallery**

Seriously be warned, there is really nothing left.