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Spvcebound is a brand ran by Wedieu Cole (16) aka Spvcebound from Somerset , NJ (Franklin Township). Today, I will be presenting the newest release the “Noir” tee that I found very appealing and stylish. The brand started in Mid – 2013 (May-June) and since then has had some good success thus far. The Noir tee is a reflection of of the owner being that “NOIR” is french for darkness /the color black. Wedieu find’s himself to have a street goth or dark style . He took french which is initially hated and to him just explains a very creative point in his life. The tee is in all black and reads “Noir” in white on the front. In the back their is +SPVCEBOUND+ with a 96 under. If you are interested in purchasing you may from the brand’s official website. The tee is a limited release so you may want to purchase it now while you have a chance. If you would like to stay more in tune with upcoming releases from the brand follow them on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Noir” tee.

Instagram: Spvcebound

Written by Ajrashed