Why is a pair of old beat up converse sneakers selling on Ebay currently for $4,000?? They belonged at one point to former NBA player JR Rider. Remember him? The first dude to dunk between his legs in the NBA. The guy who made that dunk famous. Well these are the kicks that he literally was wearing that night on the court. Main reason for the price is because like I just stated, these were actually worn during the famous dunk contest that he won. He is not anyone famous in NBA history books besides the dunk, but maybe that was enough. Also, another reason is the sneakers he wore that night are somewhat credited with being the original style of the current Nike foamposites which we all love. Remember Nike is the parent company of Converse. For those who are not familiar, hit the video after the jump to see the dunk contest from that night. It is funny to see how simple some of the dunks were that made people go crazy.