Writer and producer Lena Waithe has a story to tell. Her latest project, Twenties, is “all about being in your ‘twenties’, finding yourself, speaking your mind, and making a conscious decision to have healthier relationships. In short, it’s a show about three girls who are just trying to get their lives together.” If Queen Latifah has fully funded this project and completely supports it, why do many Networks think that it won’t be successful?! Click the jump to read more.

Rebecca S

Networks don’t believe that there will be an audience for Lena Waithe’s new show, Twenties, which follows the lives of three black girls, one who is gay. It called the black girls’ answer to Lena Durnham’s Girls series and Queen Latifah’s production company FLAVOR UNIT has already agreed to fully fund and produce the show. Waithe is no beginner to the film industry already making the film “Dear White People” and the webseries Sh*t Black Girls Say. What do you think? Is this racism or do the networks have a point? You can check out previews of the show below.

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