Brian Urlacher has to be one of the most bitter former athletes I have seen. For a player who prided himself on it being “all about the team”, he sure threw that out the window when he said he would be mad if the Bears win a Super Bowl without him now that he retired. That comment was serious by the way, it was not a joke. Now in an interview he mentions Russell Wilson being part of the reason his career ended. Smh. Suck it up dude! Hit the jump to see what he said.


This was not said in some joking fashion. He literally said Russell Wilson is part of the reason he is retired right now because he had to chase him down and popped his hamstring, which forced him to miss the remainder of last season. He has not played since and made his retirement official earlier this year. He was quoted as saying,

“Russell, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but you ended my career basically last year on that third down in overtime,” Urlacher said, via FoxSports.com. ”You were rolling out, I was trying to chase you. Trying to chase you down I popped my hamstring and missed the last four games of the season. You ended it.”

This is one of the most sad, but funny comments I have ever heard an athlete say. So it is Wilson’s fault because he tried to get away from being tackled by you? Ummm..isn’t that what he is supposed to do. No reason to be bitter, you had a great career. Hopefully you didn’t blow your money or I am sure someone else would get blamed for that as well.