First of all, gross. These are the most UNAPPEALING nudes that I have ever seen. No wonder Benzino referred to his naked flicks hitting the internet as an “unfortunate situation” because, well, it is. Imagine your grandfather trying to sext granny. (Yeah, I’ll leave you with that visual for a second.)

According to the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, he asked someone to take a pic of him at a club and during that time the person: 1) scrolled through his camera roll 2) found the nudes 3) took a screen shot of the pic and 4) sent it to themselves ALL without Benzino realizing. Riiiiiiiiggggghhhhhht. Hit the gallery to see what Benzino had to say via his Twitter page about his package hitting the world wide web (for like the 3893243th time.)


Sorry but his lack of neck is the only thing I can focus on. AH. Yuck.