Wait, wait, wait…Drake has a stylist? They shouldn’t be suing him, he needs to sue them! LOL! A stylist that worked for Drizzy from August – December of 2012 has filed suit against the YMCMB rapper, claiming Drake owes him some big bucks for his consulting services, hotel bills, plane tickets and shopping bills.

Michael Raphael says Drake hired him at a monthly rate of $39,583 (JEEZ!), and paid him with no issues from August to November. Something went awry in December, though, and not a cent was given….meanwhile Raphael allegedly spent nearly $40,000 of his own money on shopping and other expenses. Add that to his monthly salary, and he is now suing Drake for $76,490.

No word from Drizzy just yet.

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ