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TheIVXX is brand ran by Lauren Anthony (23) from Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, I will be presenting his “Diploma Tee”, when asked where did the inspiration come from behind the tee Lauren say’s “from being in college and realizing that higher education isn’t about education at all. It’s solely a business. They want you to pay all this ridiculous money for a piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee you anything in life besides debt. They also tell you that you need a diploma to do anything in life and to succeed. Well, I disagree with that mindset because I’ve learned more, had great experiences and met some awesome people since being out of school. I know people that have led great lives and doing great things without a college diploma more than I know people who have one. I’m learning through theIVXX. TheIVXX is my diploma” he says. The brand has been up and running since 2010, started walking in fall 2012. Lauren say’s he see’s it as his child. First t-shirt came out in 2010 but didn’t really focus on it until 2012. The inspiration behind the brand name “people figure out the number and think “weed brand” which I knew would happen, but it’s the fact that when they see its not a weed brand that it blows their mind. I got the name from a movie (The Roaring Twenties) which is about a group of friends building an empire out of nothing during the prohibition era. The original name of the brand was “The Roaring Four Twenty”. I changed it to “theIVXX” because it looks better and more subtle”. If you are interested in purchasing the tee you can from their official website. The tee s set at $22, hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Diploma Tee”.

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Written by Ajrashed