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I got a chance to sit and chat with Chuck Inglish, former member of “The Cool Kids” now a solo artist. We talked fashion, sneakers and much more. With him being a rapper I will take a turn and discuss some different topics instead of music. To learn some different facts about the Michigan bred, check out this exclusive interview here.

Q: You’re known for your style and your music, Define Your Style?

A: The freshest. My style is more for personal expression than anything else, so I take it a little bit more serious. But, I do wake up thinking about the freshest things I can do.

Q: What are your favorite Brands at the moment?

A: Starter, DURKL, HUF, Nike, Champion, Karl Kani.

Q: What are your Top 5 sneakers — Of All-Time?

A: Air Force 180 Hi, Air Force 2s, Air Force 1 Hi, Carolina Jordan 11s, Grant Hill 1s.

Q: Who are your Top 5 — dressers in the game right now?

A: Me…for all 5 of them bitches.

Q: Who is your favorite Sports team?

A: The University of Michigan Wolverines Football team. It’s them over everything.

This wraps up my interview with Chuck! Thanks for your time!!

Tumblr: Oldinglish

Interviewed by Ajrashed