Early Thursday morning a resident of the Terrace in British Columbia recorded noises outside of her home. The mysterious, loud, screeching noises had resembled that of a dumpster being dragged, yet there was little wind outside, so what exactly could it be?!? Hit the jump for the video!

Adriela Batista

Kimberley Wookey a resident of Terrace, British Columbia claims that this is not the first time she has heard strange noises outside of her home! The trumpet like screeching began back in June where she stated, she first heard the loud noises, yet the second occurrence happened this past Thursday. As soon as she heard the loud screeching she grabbed her camera and began recording!

The video shows a gloomy British Columbia neighborhood, and the slight sway of trees, accompanied by a loud, obnoxious shrieking. She posted the video online in search of answers for the mysterious noise and soon after she posted it, she received feedback from others claiming to have heard the mysterious sound as well. Police officials are even oblivious to what the sound could be! Although many are saying that the video is a bluff and seems staged, possibly using the same background music as the horror movie, “Red State”.

Similar occurrences of strange noises being heard around the world include instances in Texas, Chicago, Michigan, New York, and even Spain and Norway taking place just last year. One reported instance stated:

“One day in January 2012, in the small town of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, which is 1,000 miles east of Terrace, a local radio station got around 40 calls from residents asking about strange sounds in the sky. In the far-flung community of Conklin, Alberta, which is over 300 miles from North Battleford and over 1,000 miles from Terrace, a creepy video filmed in the forest purports to show a similar phenomenon. (“It sounds like the planet is screaming in pain,” one commenter wrote.) ”

What do you guys think? Are these noises real? If so what/who is making them? Or is this all a hoax?

**Checkout the videos of the mysterious sounds below!**

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