G.O.A.T brand based from out of Miami, FL ran by some young entrepreneurs by the names of Rick Rugel (27) & Miguel Taveras (27). They have been receiving some attention with their crazy dope shorts and mean Tee’s. The starter shorts are by far one of the toughest that have came out this year and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on your pair. The shorts have been seen on a few different people like Senor Yamborghini a close partner of the A$AP Mob. They feature a cool design on each angle of the shorts that help them stand out among the crowd. Basketball Premium Fashion Shorts made from polyester. Very casual and loose to your body. If you are interested in purchasing you may from the brand’s official website here. I know that you need these in your closet so don’t hesitate, purchase the shorts now. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the shorts.

Instagram: G.O.A.T
Website: G.O.A.T

Written by Ajrashed