Hopefully by now, you’ve heard of Diana Nyad. She now holds the record as the only woman to swim the distance: 110 miles. But she not only credits her will and consistency, but a few other things as well. Check them out after the jump.

“Congratulations to @DianaNyad. Never give up on your dreams.” These words were tweeted by president Obama in light of the historical distance swam by Diana Nyad. In 53 hours, she conquered 110 miles. While her previous attempts were left undone due to not only weather, but the constant stinging of jellyfish to her face, causing massive swelling, Nyad took to a few nontraditional tactics to make it.

First, in an interview she states, “The wind was huge, the jellyfish mask made me take in a lot of water, I was sick as a dog. I was vomiting constantly almost throughout the 53 hours. You don’t have strength anymore. So I wasn’t just out there daydreaming, I was dealing with a crisis.” The mask she’s referencing is called a jellyfish mask. It was used to prevent the deadly stings from them. However, while dealing with the crisis, Nyad sang Neil Diamond songs to herself as well.

I’m sure that Elian Gonzalez is somewhere highly upset about this. But after all, it did take Nyad 30+ years to complete.


Jamaal Fisher
Daily Mail