Ok what an exciting day, Samsung unveiled a couple things like The Note 3, a new 10.1 tablet, and it’s Galaxy Gear, a Smartwatch which is the latest upcoming rage in technology, ‘Wearable Tech’. Drop down, check the specs, lets see if this going to be the 2014 takeover.

Tat Wza

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Note 3 is gonna be Dope, Tablet market is beginning to slow down(crash and burn), But today’s story is that Galaxy Gear, and it is CRAZY!!
With 4 GB of internal storage and an 800 MHz processor It will sync up to you Galaxy phone, it can run Countless apps, a 1.63″ Super AMOLED screen will have a camera for 10 sec clips(Vine, IG). It will have a gyroscope and accelerometer like any smartphone. It will also have a siri-like assistant called ‘S Voice’ 0_0
It will launch October 2013 starting at $299.

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