On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives Miami, fans learned a lot about the relationship of Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada.  While I’ve never gotten into these shows, it was all the talk on Twitter (even Chad was responding to people).  We know the argument that lead to the infamous heatbutt was about Evelyn finding a receipt for condoms purchased after they were married — BUT what was it that actually set Chad off?!  It’s finally been revealed…



Via Bossip:

NewsOne reports:

During last night’s airing of “Basketball Wives Miami,” Evelyn Lozada told her therapist what set off the chain of events that lead up to Chad Johnson assaulting her last year.

Lozada said she and Johnson always had their issues, so when they were arguing about their marriage back in August of 2012, it was nothing new. At some point during their argument, Lozada said she “would never bring kids into this (marriage).” It was these words that enraged him, Lozada claims. “It was like he blacked,” she told the therapist. Lozada went on to say that he hit her in the face while inside of a vehicle.

While it seems like Johnson and Lozada are not on speaking terms, the former NFL star took to Twitter to discuss “Basketball Wives” during the show’s season five premier.