If you are looking for that stylish boot just for outside you have them right here, The Monclear Matterhorn Mountain Boot Dark Brown is your pick. The set price of the shoe is set at $539, how do you feel about this price? It’s safe to say that the boots are a limited edition and if I had the money, I would’ve hopped on these myself. Monclear is known for having the tough jackets for the winter time. The boots that we have here are featured with a sturdy full-grain leather and a rugged Vibram sole. The boots feature that construction look, the best part of the boot is the tri-colored foam on the heel. tri-color is featured everywhere on the boots as well as the laces. A little more features along with the boot are the D-ring eyelets and a soft leather lining. You can now purchase these kicks from Endclothing and Monclear boutiques. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the boots.

Written by Ajrashed