Lamar Odom heads back to an awaiting car and driver after grabbing some food to go in Los Angeles

C’mon Lamar, we’re all pulling for you.  Apparently Lamar Odom is missing again and friends are extremely worried for him.
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Via RadarOnline:

“He’s headed for destruction.” That’s what Lamar Odom‘s friends are saying about their once successful NBA star friend, who is now embroiled in a downward spiral where his alleged drug use has destroyed his career and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

So concerned about his well-being were Odom’s childhood friends from Queens, New York, that a handful of them flew out to Los Angeles in an effort to stage and intervention with the former Clippers forward, is exclusively reporting.

“A few weeks ago his friends from the projects in Queens flew out to LA and banged on Lamar’s door trying to have an intervention with him,” a source close to the situation told Radar.

“They wanted to take him home to New York and get him clean but Lamar wouldn’t open the door initially, telling them he ‘didn’t give a f**k what the world thinks” and said they ‘don’t know the pressure he’s under.’”

But the friends finally got Odom to open his door, and what they found was shocking.

“He’s smoking crack now,” the insider revealed.

“His friends knew that he liked to freebase cocaine, but they were shocked to see him with crack. They found more than 60 grams of crack in his possession and he had no intentions of stopping.”


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UPDATE via RadarOnline:

As rumors continue to swirl about Lamar Odom‘s drug abuse, has exclusively learned that his closest confidantes — including sports agent Jeff Schwartz and his criminal defense attorney — haven’t spoken to the NBA star since he allegedly bolted from rehab and they don’t know where he is.

Neither Jeff nor attorney Robert Shapiro ”have spoken to Lamar in the past 24 hours, and Khloe hasn’t talked to him in over three days. Lamar’s cell phone has been turned off, and his voicemail is full,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“He hasn’t been answering and everyone is just getting very angry with Lamar. Enough is enough. Lamar hasn’t been spotted at his downtown Los Angeles crash pad, and the operating premise is that he is holed somewhere doing drugs.”