Meek Mill x Kendrick Lamar

Hold up…is it just me, or do y’all realize a dude from Compton…and a dude from Philly…are beefing over a verse about a “King Of NY” title? What level to this sh*t is that?

Anyway, we have some interesting beef brewing here folks, and it’s looking like it’s about to get good! As we all know, Kendrick Lamar called out a large handful of his rap peers on “Control” last month, a throwaway record from Big Sean that also featured Jay Electronica.

J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Sean, Jay, Tyler the Creator and Mac Miller all got the bird call, but only one out of all of them responded: Meek.

Marisa Mendez

“Hov gave you 24, let you have that,” he rapped on “Ooh, Kill Em.” “Man you claiming you the king of New York? What the f#ck wrong with you n*gga, step back!”

Fighting words! A few days went by with no response from Kendrick, but tonight, on stage live and direct from the city he claimed the throne to, K. Dot shot back.

“I been doing this sh*t for years…I mastered this sh*t,” Kendrick said to the Williamsburg, Brooklyn crowd. “I have no time for irrelevant n*ggas, new n*ggas. There’s one n*gga in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this sh*t. I’m MOTHERF*CKIN’ KING KENDRICK.”

[Sir, may I interject for a minute? Meek is pretty relevant, and he’s also just as “new”…or seasoned…as you. You don’t care? Okay, carry on!]

Meek couldn’t let this fly without speaking his mind, so he quickly took to the podium (Twitter) to respond. Check out his tweets in the gallery! Interestingly enough, he deleted a tweet about how he is a king because he rides through the streets with “the baddest b*tch in the game,” and now I’m dying to know who he was referring to. Also to be noted: he’s in NYC tonight as well, so ish could get REAL! Let’s keep this on wax, boys! AND DON’T GO TO W.I.P. WHATEVER YOU DO!