I’m all about having choices and each person can do what they want, but not everyone feels that way — esp. when it comes to controversial topics.  Sometimes things are better left unsaid.  Heat baller Udonis Haslem is now under firing for sharing something personal in his wedding announcement.  Was it the appropriate time to share the info?!
Check it out & let us know what you think…



Via Bossip:

Miami Heat baller Udonis Haslem and his wife went through a few rough patches over the course of their pre-marital relationship, but the couple’s decision to share one experience in particular has the public in an uproar.

Haslem and his wife-to-be chose the NY Times to officially announce the news of their nuptials and shared their somewhat unconventional love story, which included revealing that the new Mrs. Haslem had had an abortion earlier on in their courtship when she became pregnant but shared her then-boyfriend’s sentiment that they were not ready to be parents.

The now-married couple the went on to share the decision early on in their relationship to terminate a pregnancy. They say it ultimately brought them closer together.

Haslem and his new wifey caught some public backlash from the pro-life community and others who felt that it was inappropriate that they reveal their abortion decision in the mix with their wedding announcement.


*You can read the full NYTimes piece HERE*