Hmmmm, this is interesting – although it really doesn’t matter since they don’t play together anymore. Brian Urlacher announced his retirement back in May & landed a gig with Fox Sports 1 a couple months later, so life has been pretty good. But looking back there’s just ONE noticeable player that didn’t reach out to him since his retirement from the NFL. Can you guess who it is?
Check out what he had to say…



Via TMZ:

Ex-Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher says there’s only ONE GUY who hasn’t called him on the phone since he retired last year … QB Jay Cutler … and he’s kinda bitter about it.

Urlacher recently sat down with Graham Bensinger and vented about the lack of post teammate communication when Graham asked if any of the Bears have given him the cold shoulder since he left the squad.

Urlacher’s response: “I did not hear from Jay … out of all the guys I played with.”

And why so bitter? Urlacher explained … “I felt like I stood up for him a lot more than anybody else did over the past 3 or 4 years in the media … ’cause that guy takes a lot of grief.”