I am starting to feel that no matter what happens in the game of football, we will never be able to stop talking about Tim Tebow. The Patriots decided he was not good enough to make the team and no other NFL team wants to give him a chance. So usually, you would figure it would be the last we would hear of him for a while, right? Well, a professional football team is offering Tebow $1 million dollars to play in just 2 games. You have to hear where though. Hit the jump.


Mikhail Zaltsman is the owner of the Moscow Black Storm. Yes, Moscow as in RUSSIA. Zaltsman is the owner of a team in an american style football league in Russia. He has offered Tebow $1 million dollars to come play in the team’s semi final playoff game next week. If they win then the championship game would be the week after. Zaltsman says he is 100% sure his team will win the 2 games with Tebow. “I talked with him personally and he wanted to go”, said Zaltsman referring to a conversation he had with Tebow. Just one thing is stopping it according to him. They’re thinking of using him as a motivational speaker,” he said with a sigh. “They don’t want him to play football.” The “they” he is referring to are Tebow’s agents. Funny thing is, the $1 million dollars is more than what Tebow would of made for the entire season if the Patriots did not cut him. Offers are going to stop soon. He better get that Russian money.