Travi$ Scott asks the crowd to take a photo, and a majority of them throw their "L's" up for MGK. Seems like he blurred that part out!

On Saturday night, both Machine Gun Kelly and Travi$ Scott played at the first annual Foxtail Fest in Wilmington, DE. Trav’s set was right before MGK’s (who headlined the show), and he appeared to be a little annoyed that the crowd were majority MGK fans…judging by his statements on stage, anyway. Upon seeing a group of kids in the front row with shirts that read “MGK,” “Ragers” and “Lace Up,” Travi$ proceeded to tell the audience that the only two “real ragers” in the game were himself and Kid Cudi. As the audience started yelling out “Cleveland” (MGK’s hometown), Travi$ mentioned that Cudi was from Cleveland, and asked the crowd if they liked him. They started chanting “MGK” and “Lace Up,” and he eventually yelled “F*ck that fagg*t sh*t” before launching into a chant of “XX” and then going into the next song.

Judging by MGK’s tweet after (available in the gallery,) it seems like Travi$ didn’t want any problems. But if that’s the case, why have said anything at all? Strange!

Marisa Mendez