IFWT_Ashley Cole 4

Goodness!  It doesn’t matter how much you don’t like someone, some things just shouldn’t be said. An altercation was caught on tape that involved soccer player Ashley Cole.  The whole situation is crazy, but it looks like alcohol was a factor for this insane woman — and she’s lucky Cole kept calm & didn’t go off on her.
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Via TMZ:

It all went down when Cole’s team, Chelsea FC, was in St. Louis for a match against Manchester City back in May.  Ashley and a few teammates hit up a bar called Hair of the Dog. Witnesses tell us there was a small dispute with the bartender over how much the players tipped, but they left without incident.

But outside the bar things got heated when a woman offered the footballers a ride to their hotel — and Cole refused to go … thereby igniting the most vicious U.S.-British exchange since 1776.

Highlights from the angry American:

— “My people don’t give two s**ts about you.”

— “They (Cole and co.) don’t even know how to tip!”

— “I hope this stupid ass gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf**king sidewalk!”

She had much more to say — and to their credit Cole and his mates kept relatively calm … but you have to see the rant to do it justice.

Oh, insult to injury … Chelsea lost to Man City, 4-3.