iOS 7 has been the talk of the web since it was announced in June(besides the 5S & 5C), and the day is finally here, but what about those that could care less or are worried they can’t update because they’re scared their favorite app won’t be on iOS 7?? Well there’s not an app for that, but there is a cure!!

Tat Wza

Basically Apple is doing something it hasn’t done before with this iOS update. Remember Any iPhone below 4(And I don’t suggest 4 or 4S get updated either), so there will def be a percentage of the iPhone populous that will not be updating, and may not be upgrading their phone either.
Usually when a New iOS update happens, and apps step their game up, those apps are no longer in the previous iOS system, but here comes the fix…Apple has created the ability to get most recent older compatible version(iOS 6) of an app!! So pretty much you can keep iOS 6, and the app store will offer you the latest iOS 6 version(6.1.4) of an app. Now we can all get along!!