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The thirst is that real?! SMH. C’mon ladies – know your place (and no it’s not at an NBA baller’s wedding)! We don’t know if this story is true or what the whole story is, but according to numerous blogs, a “Latina groupie” tried to crash LeBron’s wedding to stop him from marrying Savannah. I first saw this story a couple days ago on MTO, but you know — sometimes they just aren’t reliable, but then other sites starting sharing a very similar story.
So we will share with you the details of what we do know along with a couple pics of the alleged wedding crasher and you can make your own conclusions. If this did happen, I’m sure LeBron & friends will never speak on it.  I wonder if she will though?!?!
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According to Bossip:

Via BSO reports:

With all that fabulousness inside there was some messiness outside. Allegedly what was described as a “Latina Groupie” tried to crash the wedding. The woman, who was not named or photographed, claimed she knew LeBron and wanted to say her piece. Fortunately, the groupie couldn’t make it past the armed security guards and was forcibly removed without disturbing guests inside. So sad and pitiful.


Our sources tell us that Lebron’s Latina flame is a Columbia, South Carolina native named Aljaree “AJ” Williams… She’s been characterized as somewhat of a cornball, but apparently BronBron didn’t mind cuz he kept her laced with great tickets to his games! From what we hear homegirl was also linked to Trey Songz and conveniently kept a condo across the street from American Airlines Arena.