It has become very hard to feel bad for Dwyane Wade’s ex wife Siovaughn Funches-Wade. When they first were going through divorce proceedings I felt bad for her. You could understand the pain a woman might be feeling after being with a man for years before he was a star, only to watch him walk away with a Hollywood actress. But after years of trashing Dwyane, psychological breakdowns and drama it has become harder to feel bad. Maybe Siovaughn was never a victim to begin with. Could be possible her own actions led to Dwyane leaving her. Recently we thought this was all settled after a judge ruled on a final hearing between the two. Now she is back at it. Hit the jump for more.


According to TMZ:

It never ends … Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife is poking the hornet’s nest again — this time demanding the right to publicly bash the NBA star.

Dwyane and Siovaughn Funches wrapped up their bitter six-year divorce in July, after Wade agreed to provide a generous financial settlement. As part of the deal Funches agreed to a gag order, prohibiting her from talking smack about their relationship.

But Funches has now filed legal docs challenging the settlement, claiming she never agreed to several terms — including the gag order. She wants a judge to nullify the agreement, which would force Wade back to the bargaining table.

As for the gag order, Funches says … if Wade is free to bash her in his book , she should have the same right to bash him. A judge has yet to rule on her request. Calls to Dwyane’s people weren’t returned.

This is just ridiculous now. She needs to get over the fact she is no longer with Wade and stop acting like a woman scorned. She has carried on and on now. She has involved the kids, pretended she was homeless and is always trying to get more and more money out of Wade. I am sure she will continue to find ways to drag this out.