Okay, I’ve read the comments, and one in particular is FUNNY to me, BUT that’s besides the point.
Back in 2010 reality star, Draya Michele was charged and found guilty of child endangerment. Seems, Draya left her young son at home alone to go dancing on the ever-so popular stripping pole. Since the news hit the public, the new face of RocaWear can’t live it down. After tweeting that her iPhone update failed miserably (as I heard from many others as well, #teamDROID), a few non-fans came for her neck about her terrible parenting skills. Hit the jump to see what just a few people said.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget, the tweets are in the gallery!

She f**ked up – BAD, but come on, it was 2010. Judge For You! Also, back in June, an #AskDraya trending topic on twitter popped off – Hip-Hop Wired compiled a list of the meanest tweets regarding her son. Some funny, but still CRAY!