Eminem decided to play a little game for the unveiling of the art cover for his upcoming album “Marshall Mathers LP2” yesterday, as he took to twitter to put his true fans to the test with some Eminem trivia! Fans weren’t disappointed once the Detroit legend finally posted the album cover and it looks like Em is giving us more Shady with this one, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Eminem took to his twitter yesterday to play a quick game of trivia and release the album cover of his upcoming album “Marshall Mathers LP 2”, set to be released November 5th. He asked the question that only true Eminem Stans would know: “What Street did me and & Mr. Porter live on together in Detroit when we working as cooks at Gilbert Lodge? #MMLP2”. After one fan gave him his answer he shared the gift of his album’s visual! The title alone lets us know that he will be going back to his roots but the picture assures it!




**Checkout the official album cover in the gallery above!**