I’m sure we’ve all wondered whether or not actors and actresses are actual friends off set, well this proves that on set friendships are definitely carried off and some may even begin way before super stardom! Hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

The Emmy’s Red Carpet has reunited some co stars and childhood friends , as nominees mingle at the big event! One friendship that I’m not surprised of, shined on the red carpet as one photo bombed the other’s photo through out the night!


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston dispayed their Friendship PDA throughout the night but they weren’t the only ones!

The Big C actress Clare Dane and Girl’s producer and star Lina Dunham revealed unintentionally that were actually child hood friends!

Huffington Reports: “Then they proceeded to have an even more epic interview-turned-conversation, in which we learned they are secretly BFF (“we grew up near each other”) and that they have a HBO vs. Showtime ivalry (“It’s very Capulet and Montague.” ) In the process they blew Ryan Seacrest’s mind, leaving him microphone-less and looking like a third wheel”

**Checkout the clip below!!**