I ask because the people buying it are more about investment, and not Tech. I feel like the only way Blackberry could make a come back is a Tech company took over.

Tat Wza

A group of investors called “Fairfax investor group” led by Prem Watsa, who is often called Canada’s Warren Buffett, are buying out Blackberry in which the publicly traded company will pay $9 per share which comes to the $4.7B. They then plan on making Blackberry private(which is a smart idea) in the hopes of having time to rebuild. They have a few hurdles to jump to pass through regulatory approval. The deal should be done by Nov. 4th and Blackberry can still chase other deals if they come up, BUT if they do, they have to pay the investors $.30 per share for there trouble, which Blackberry can’t afford, so let’s call this a wrap. Let’s see what happens….