This happens every time a new iPhone drops, a company named IHS finds out the bottom line $ it costs Apple to make the iPhone. Then we get an idea what they are charging us to make their profit.

Tat Wza

Listen, Apple is not the government, they are a business, so when you read what these phones really cost, don’t get upset!

16GB iPhone 5s cost $191 all parts, plus $8 for assembly(wow that’s cheap labor) putting the cost at $199 before they hit you. You are pretty much getting the iPhone at cost when you do a contract. But a 64GB with assembly only cost around $208, and that’s where Apple really comes off, cause on contract it’s about $399.

An iPhone 5c 16GB is about $173 total, and since you get that on contract for $99, so you win with that one for sure. A 32GB at cost, cost about $183, but on contract $199, they win a little bit with that one.

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